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BrightG, A delicious approach to healthy cognition through gummies

A great part of the global population has been bound to work from home being self-isolated, while also a great number of workers are still committed to on-site work. Either or, through technology, both type of workers are still exposed to a great amount of information and distractors that can scatter their attention and block their focus.
Focus is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as “the main or central point of something, especially of attention or interest.* So, in order to be fully focused on a specific thing, one must be able to ignore many others. With that been said, how exactly do we reach that ideal amount of concentration in a fast-paced world full of constant change?
It´s very common to see people seeking to increase productivity. Adam Grant, professor and writer, said in an article for the New York Times Time management is not a solution, it’s actually part of the problem”** because we spend so much time trying to increase productivity through time management and the truth is, the key to getting things done is attention management. A healthy diet, sports, yoga, and everything that can make our bodies function better are always a great idea, however, in a world that demands so much of our intellect and attention, we may feel that not even all of this is enough. Thankfully, the nutraceutical world has our back and is here to save the day.
Backed by science, Funtrition ́s gummy experts developed a one-of-a-kind product for the supplement market that is powered by amazing ingredients supporting focus and cognition in a tasty tangerine gummy. Consumers believe emotional and mental
health are as important as their physical health. Additionally, alternative formats, like gummies, are quickly becoming a preferred source for supplements. With BrightG, you can help meet the growing consumer demand for cognitive-support formulas in a format they enjoy. A great formulation and the manufacturing expertise of Funtrition®, will be the perfect mix for you to deliver the most relevant, clinically backed, and enjoyable health solution to your consumers.
Self-care is how you take your power back. This is proven by various studies that show how consumers believe emotional and mental health is as important as their physical health.* With Master Mind, help your consumers take their power back, and choose to be aware and present.
Help your consumers be here & be present with a dose of BrightG gummies
Funtrition™ by Procaps is a leading provider of contract manufacturing services in advanced gummy technologies for the global nutraceutical industry. Through our extensive capabilities and deep expertise in product development and gummy manufacturing, we help different companies bring innovative supplement products to their markets faster, offering their consumers an exceptional experience, higher preference, and superior adherence to different therapies and health concerns. Our advanced delivery. 
Through our GummieX Technology that is made through a mix of hydrocolloids, Master Mind provides an indulgent consumption experience through its light texture, clean bite, explosion of citric flavors and a portable ease that creates a one-of-a-kind exciting sensorial experience that can help provide consumers amazing focus and cognition benefits.
We are redefining nutrition, and we’d love to help you deliver the best products and indulging experiences for your consumers.  
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** https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/28/smarter-living/productivity-isnt-about-time-management-its-about-attention-management.html