Podcast Why Colombia

Podcasts are always the next big thing, especially if we´re diving into the world of nutrition, science, and fun! On a special chapter of Procolombia´s podcast “Why Colombia” Funtrition’s general manager, Joel Minski discusses the importance and relevant growth of nutraceutical gummies in the health industry. In addition, Minski talks about Funtrition, its origin, goals, the important role it plays in the field and how the covid-19 global pandemic impacted the company.

As we are told by Minski, the Funtrition team has managed to respond to high market’s demands throughout the pandemic while several lessons were learned at full length. Market needs, Funtrition´s expansion, recognitions and upcoming virtual and in-face events are later discussed. Listen to the entire podcast and submerge yourself in the world of Funtrition.

Link to Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/user-514381470/procaps-why-colombia-ingles