Occupational safety and health policy


FUNTRITION S.A.S. A company dedicated to the manufacture of food products and dietary supplements, based on the nature of its processes, activities and the size of the organization, directs its efforts to improve the health of our customers through products that meet world-class standards and under the following guidelines regarding Occupational Health and Safety of our operations:

  • To meet the needs and comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and agreements entered into with our Stakeholders.
  • Guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for human capital, contractors and third parties involved in our processes, for the prevention of injuries, deterioration of health and emergency situations; focusing on the generation of safe environments, the reduction of risks, the possibility of eliminating hazards in work environments and counting on the participation and consultation of the interest group.
  • Manage the continuous improvement of the OSH Management System through the allocation of physical, technical, economic and human resources necessary in order to contribute to the sustainability and continuity of the organization.

This policy will be applicable to all stakeholders who have a relationship with FUNTRITION S.A.S., regardless of the form of relationship with the organization, including contractors and subcontractors, who must ensure comprehensive health care and compliance with the rules, regulations and guidelines of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSH).