Gummy Technology



With a variety of ingredients, from different animal or non- animal sources, being gelatin, pectin and agar some of the most popular gelling agents in 2019 launches, at Funtrition we are offering not only natural ingredients but also great flavor and a unique experience during mastication!



At Funtritiom, we don’t just manufacture gummies, we create new products and ideas based on what you need. We give you the tools to get inspired and build a product of your own. We can develop and manufacture a one-of-a-kind nutraceutical gummy for your brand.

As research, education and consumer understanding becomes the cornerstone of our innovation, at FuntritionTM we are introducing Pec-G and Agar-G, offering a variety of new plant-based gummy options for versatile consumers, who are searching for products that are unique, with specialized and natural ingredients, but taste good, because at the end of the day… It´s all about great taste and good nutrition!


Agar are polysaccharides extracted from red seaweeds. Its texture allows for a clean and slightly rough bite, making it ideal for those consumers who seek a more convenient experience when swallowing.

Our agar gummy technology, Agar-g, offers gummies with a non-sticky texture, that allows for a clean and slightly rough bite. It has no taste, no odor and no color, which makes them pretty convenient for creative incorporations of color and flavors during the formulation and development process!


Pectin are polysaccharides present in the cell walls of plants. Commercially known pectins are derived from the rind of citrus fruits or from the pulp of apples. Pectin allows consumers to have a di¬fferent experience, with a short, clean bite and a slightly elastic texture, making it convenient for those who have difficulty chewing (older adults or children).

Our pectin gummy technology, Pec-G, offers gummies with a soft and clean texture. Pectin enhances the fruit flavors thanks to its affinity with them, offering a better sensory experience when consumed and released inside the mouth.. Also, they can be made as free-sugar gummies!