Policy for the prevention of the consumption of psychoactive substances


FUNTRITION SAS, establishes this policy in compliance with the current and applicable legal aspects stipulated by Colombian law; and the need to prevent and control the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes among its workers, which is aimed at avoiding damage to the individual and collective health of its employees, to the assets and interests of its customers, the company and society in general.

Its objectives are aimed at improving, conserving and preserving the overall well-being and quality of life of its employees and their families, as well as the safety of its operations and processes, and in general to preserve the adequate individual performance and that of the company; through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and through the prevention of the consumption of psychoactive substances, Senior Management undertakes to comply, allow and promote prevention activities by allocating the necessary resources for the development of specific campaigns for the promotion of prevention and control of drug dependence, alcoholism and smoking within the activities of the preventive medicine subprogram.

Likewise, it allows and favors guidance, treatment and rehabilitation with health care providers, family compensation funds for employees with therapeutic needs in this area.

FUNTRITION SAS prohibits its workers from entering its facilities and workplaces in a state of intoxication or under the influence of psychoactive substances, the possession, consumption and sale of cigarettes and psychoactive substances.
FUNTRITION SAS may carry out random or suspected tests to detect the consumption of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, directly or through third parties. To carry out these tests, the provisions of Article 41 of Decree 1108 of 1994 and the provisions of Resolution 1075 of 1992 will be taken into account. Likewise, the company undertakes to remove any worker, contractor or visitor from its facilities or from the provision of the service, if there is any reasonable suspicion that they possess or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
This policy is part of the employment contract and is mandatory for all employees of the company and its non-compliance will be subject to the corresponding disciplinary measures, in accordance with the internal work regulations and current legal regulations.