Quality policy


FUNTRITION S.A.S., maintains its permanent commitment to:

  • To meet the needs and comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and agreements entered into with our Stakeholders
  • Ensure the quality and reliability of our products, services and the analytical results generated.
  • Guarantee the safe and healthy work of human capital, contractors and third parties involved in our processes, focused on the prevention of accidents, illnesses and emergencies
  • Facilitate safe international trade by guaranteeing the security of the supply chain, building trust in our stakeholders and preventing crimes of corruption, bribery, money laundering, terrorism and its financing, drug trafficking, smuggling, trafficking in narcotics, weapons or substances for the processing of narcotics, among others.
  • Promote the rational use of required resources and prevent environmental pollution, fostering the culture of environmental protection among our internal stakeholders
  • Manage the continuity of business processes with a comprehensive approach to risks, continuous improvement, information security, supported by the assigned resources and the competencies of our human capital.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Take Advantage of all solid waste generated by the organization through the adoption and continuous development of 3R strategies.