Redefining Kids Nutrition through Innovative Technologies

Redefining Kids Nutrition through Innovative Technologies Published by: 4/16/2024

Even though taking care of our little ones is usually a gratifying experience, it can sometimes become a bit of a challenge. This is because, as adorable as they are, children can be a really demanding audience when it comes to the products they consume. This applies to everything: from the food they eat to the vitamins and supplements they take; Kids are searching for an enjoyable and tasteful experience.

So, how to tackle this issue? In general, but more so in the Vitamin and Supplement Market, it has become crucial for brands to explore new innovative formats that can offer a more pleasant, attractive, and entertaining experience for this target. Here is where gummies come into play! Thanks to their fun and alluring presentation, amazing sensorial experience and variety of shapes, colors and sizes, gummies have become the preferred format within the Vitamin and Supplement market for kids, and adults today as well.

Only in 2022, product launches in the Kids category grew 17% and, an impactful 48% of these launches were in gummy format; some of the leading categories include Immune System, Bone Health, as well as Brain and Nervous System.

For this reason, at Funtrition® we’ve designed a complete kid’s portfolio, filled with great formulations with explosive flavors across diverse nutritional categories (Immune, digestive, mental, brain, bone, and sleep health), offering parents the ideal products and nutritional ingredients their kids deserve, in a format that they desire and easily adhere to, all formulations developed under the star gummy technology that can offer the best indulgent experience kids love the most: GummyGels (Gelatin Gummies). With different colors, textures, shapes, its bright and translucent look, this technology offers a candy-like chewing sensation, with the specialized ingredients that are perfect for them.

At Funtrition® we’re redefining kids nutrition through innovative gummy technologies. Let us be your key partner in renovating your portfolio with fun and alluring formats for this growing audience.  

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