Our Technologies

Whether it’s animal or plant-based, Air-G™’s focus on stable minerals provides the ideal conditions for a nutrient-rich formulation. Light, fluffy and visually appealing, this technology offers fun vibrant colors and a unique mastication experience.

Layer-G™ offers two layers and double the fun! B​ringing a unique two-in-one sensorial experience that combines the best of traditional gummies and aerated gummy technologies, Layer-G™ offers the possibility of integrating different types of actives within the same gummy. With a delightful velvety feel and a distinct texture in each layer, this technology is a powerful sensorial journey in itself!

Since gelatin is one of the most popular gelling agents, gelatin gummies are widely recognized and enjoyed by consumers around the world. With its transparent, bright, and attractive appearance, Gummy Gels™ offers an effective blend of ingredients and a powerful sensorial experience. It is also very versatile, as it allows a great variety and quantity of ingredients to be mixed in the formula, as well as specialized dietary options, including sugar-free and low-sugar options. 

Our plant-based technology, Pec-G™, offers a short, clean bite and slightly elastic texture, making it convenient for those who have difficulty chewing, such as children and older adults. Pectin has the ability to enhance and exalt fruit flavors, resulting in an explosive sensorial experience. It also allows for natural extract actives to be easily incorporated in the formula, complimenting the already natural product. Pec-G™ is highly preferred when wanting to develop a gummy that is suitable for vegetarians. 



Our Agar-G™ gummy technology offers plant-based gummies with a non-sticky texture that result in a clean and slightly rough bite. Since agar has no taste, no odor, and no color, it offers the possibility of incorporating colors and flavors. Due to its nature, it also allows for minerals to be easily integrated in the formulas, creating indulgent and nutritional bites.

Gummie x

GummieX™ is one of our most disruptive technologies, consisting of the development of formulas with a mixture of hydrocolloids to achieve the ideal gummy! This technology is designed to obtain the desired texture and flavor by carefully selecting the right matrix of gelling agents. It’s not only adaptable, but also has the added benefit of not needing cold shipment, due to its ability to resist extreme temperatures. GummieX™ can also be the solution to cost and technical issues that emerge in product development. Besides being an asset for customers, it offers an incredible performance for consumers. 


Fill-G™ is our center-filled gummy technology that delivers a unique and incredible sensorial experience. With an amazing sense of chewiness, it offers the possibility of incorporating ingredients that couldn’t normally be incorporated, making it an ideal solution for actives sensitive to temperature or pH, both animal and plant based. Fill-G™ is a unique delivery system for actives not common in the gummy world.  

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