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Unlock the Potential of Innovative Nutritional Experiences

Unlock the Potential of Innovative Nutritional Experiences Published by: 4/19/2024

Funtriton® ad Sofgen® are pleased to announce their participation in Vitafoods, taking place on May 14th to 16th, at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland.
Delivering Cutting-Edge Solutions in Gummy and Softgel Technologies
With more than 20 years of experience, Funtrition® is a leading provider of contract manufacturing and development services in advanced gummy technologies for the global nutraceutical industry. From initial brainstorming to ultimate product packaging, Funtrition® offers comprehensive support to product developers and brand owners, empowering them to drive innovation and accelerate market entry.
Vertically integrated, Funtrition® has expanded its manufacturing capabilities, to meet global demand, by opening a new gummy facility in the USA and a new Inspiration Center, housing over 20 scientists and a wide suite of proprietary gummy technologies. Featuring Gummy Gels™ (Gelatin Gummies), Pec-G™ (Pectin Gummies), Agar-G™ (Agar Gummies), recently introduced to the market GummieX™ (Mixed matrix) technology, and its brand-new launches: Air-G™ (Aeriated Gummies) and Layer-G™ (Two-layered Gummies) Funtrition®’s is committed to delivering tailored solutions that address partners’ and consumers’ needs.
Join Funtrition®’s insignia Gummy Tasting Bar at Vitafoods to experience first-hand more than 10 delicious product developments across key nutritional categories, including Women Health, Kids Health, Active Lifestyle and finally Specialized Health in our different technologies, showcasing our diverse technologies.
Sofgen® Pharmaceuticals, is an integrated Softgel CDMO that excels at delivering end-to-end supplement solutions across a diverse array of Softgel delivery formats for companies interested in developing and launching novel products in North America, Canada, and Europe. Displaying its novel and patented technology Unigel™ for multi-purpose supplements with stacked benefits, as well as Chewgels™, tasty and chewable, Twistgels™ and of course the consumer preferred Softgels™, Sofgen® offers an exciting breadth of nutritional formulations across key categories for companies to discover.
Explore Innovative Nutritional Experiences

Step into booth P69 and unlock the potential of innovative nutritional experiences that are inspired by art and driven by science! From delightful gummies to convenient softgels, Funtrition® and Sofgen® have elevated nutritional experiences developing top-notch supplement products that successfully address specific dietary needs and offer powerful sensorial experiences all at once.

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