Global Gummy Market

Gummy supplements alone have gained the most market share in relation to other non-pill formats doubling in size over the last five years. The gummy vitamin market is estimated to rise at a growth rate of over 9% between 2018 and 2028, gaining each time more and more relevance within new launches of emerging and top brands in most supplement categories including vitamins, minerals, and specialty products.

Innovation and taste have made gummies become a more attractive alternative to deliver VMS, therefore, consumers are moving from conventional pills to gummies. In this matter, consumers are overcoming the pill fatigue and difficulty to swallow.

Gummy market

Immune system support, bone health, antioxidants, energy, and beauty are the top 5 claims new gummy product launches have offered to consumers to cover their prevention concerns in the last years. 

The gummy bear has grown up! This is why adults as well as kids want to have a bite of youthful fun, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through convenient, novel formats that offer higher efficacy than other traditional forms.

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Gummy Delivery System

Gummies are the perfect way of delivering indulgence to consumers in different ways: texture experiences, explosion of flavors and specialized ingredients in one single format, and of course all the sweet natural alternatives of sugar that our gummy innovations can offer.

Gummy Delivery System